I am the Diva Challenge # 140

Another Challenging challenge for me!!  The beautiful CZT invitation says that all artists start out as amateurs, which is how I am feeling this week, always having been more of a craftswoman.  Pointillism, a style of drawing with just small dots, was our challenge this week.  I couldn’t think of anything to “dot” until I decided to just DO SOMETHING!  Here is my romantic marriage proposal location by my husband a bit over 10 years ago now.

Scan 140

I am the Diva Challenge #139

Once again, a great learning experience for me this week.  Not sure whether it is my medical treatment, etc. but I had so much trouble with this challenge!  I went through so many tiles that I ran out.  It is such a good reminder to me of that beginner state, and that sometimes things don’t gel straight away.  An important lesson for a teacher…….

Scan 139

Apart from Jane Eileen’s 8’s Parte dos, this week’s Use My Tangle challenge , I also used JJ La Barbera’s Zuan shi, Shoshi’s Spawn and Lara Wlliam’s Ojo.

I was VERY exciting to receive in the mail this morning a beautifully calligraphed envelope with my official CZT13 confirmation.  In a month, all staying well, I will be in Rhode Island in the next CZT seminar, which will wash away my disappointment of missing October’s seminar.

Hopefully my poor chemically and electrically bombarded brain will be able to do a CORRECT link this week!  Warmest wishes for visiting!

I am the Diva Challenge # 138

Wow!!  I love the challenges as they are invariably challenging, but often where I don’t expect it.  This week I chose to deconstruct a frame that holds a lovely photo of my mum and dad.  I thought it was a bit challenging, but having done celtic knots before, didn’t think it would tax my poor chemically and electrically bombarded brain quite that much!!

Scan 138.1 1

After (wasting!) 2 tiles, I resorted to using a pencil string to follow through the celtic knots as I just wasn’t getting it otherwise.  Phew – mission accomplished, even if the knots are smaller.

Scan 138

Challenge # 137

I have had to do some ‘reframing’ this week, to reconnect with my practice.  I started to get bored with the blackening, but I asked myself what else I would prefer to be doing at that moment – washing, cooking, cleaning ….???!!  It did help!  I did resort to a fair bit of grey rather than blackening all the Tipple, but I am happy with the result.

Scan 137 1

I am the Diva Challenge #136

Thank you again, Laura.  I often look at the colourful posts of my amazingly talented tangler colleagues and think that I must add a bit of colour sometimes!  Unfortunately I got a bit excited and went way overboard!  Pick a colour theme next time, Kathy!  I realised I am also very conditioned.  Colour to me = flowers!

Scan 136


I have added some old favourites in here:  Blue bonnets, Luca, Catkins, Henna Drum and Embellish.  I have also used 3 different colouring mediums:  twinkling H2O’s (or as my calligraphy friends call them, twinkle toes!), red star and golden star Gelly rolls and the Blue Bonnets is Pearl Ex Duo Blue-Green.

I also have added an example of a Christmas gift card that I have been playing with.  It is a simple red circle tangled with a rounded Flower Box and then stuck onto a white tag that has been distressed with Tim Holtz’s Barn Door distress ink.

Scan 136.2

Weekly challenge # 135

Having spent the last week in hospital and having the sad news of another brain tumour after beating one  over a year ago, this was always going to be a tough time.  The devastating news is that I will miss my CZT course in October!  Martha has very kindly swapped me to the November course which I hope I will make, but there is always next year.  I really thought tangling would be the usual relaxing, centring process I rely on but I have struggled to concentrate.  I definitely need to draw out the instructions for new tangles to take with me as I haven’t got Well even partially right!  Onward and upward, as the saying goes …


Weekly challenge # 134

So I would like to put the last couple of weeks behind me!  2 quick posts to continue my undertaking to always share my weekly challenges, even though it is getting more challenging!  I struggled to appreciate this tile, but am going to post it for posterity.  Considering the circumstances, I should not be too hard on myself!Scan134

I am the Diva Challenge #133

Hmmm, to Tipple or not to Tipple, Laura?!  I am not sure whether it is the same in the USA but in the UK at least, (and here in Aus) a tipple is a drink, so it really suited your post this week!  We all have weeks where a little Zentangle sunshine goes a long way (and a tipple can assist!)  I can’t say that Tipple is my favourite, but it is not drawing the orbs/circles that gets to me; it is the blackening of all the gaps afterwards.  It seems to take me forever!  After whining (silently) along the way, I am quite pleased with my tile.  I debated with myself – would I do my strings (circular, to share the Tipple theme) in a bullseye fashion or put them off-centre and I am glad I did the latter.  It is interesting the gaps you see when it is magnified that are not obvious with the naked eye.  I think this is one that I prefer the original (but occasionally I will prefer the scanned copies).  Gotta go and read my 8 year old her story!


I am the Diva challenge # 132

The Diva set us a challenge this week that I have been meaning to do for some time but never quite got around to, so thank you Laura!  The challenge was to do a monotangle using Bales BUT with our non-dominant hand.  This was a really good reminder just how difficult it is going to be for some of the people that I may be teaching down the track, as I would like to teach Zentangle as a therapy.  To me, it reinforced the Zentangle motto of “one stroke at a time” as I had to really concentrate on each stroke and be there in the moment, not thinking too far ahead as I obviously do whilst using my dominant hand.  Although it is supposed to help with creativity, at the time I felt as if I was less creative as I had to concentrate so much harder on just replicating the pattern.


I managed to grab a bit of time on the weekend to do a couple of other tiles.  I used the dice to choose the tangles for each section, which I am finding is a forced way to ensure I am practicing a lot of different tangles.  Think I like the second tile more, except Popsicles – need more practice on that one!



I am the Diva Challenge # 131

A busy week so little tangling time unfortunately, but exciting things including getting organised for my CZT trip.  I managed only one tile this week for the Challenge and I enjoyed ‘playing’ with Dex, one of the official Zentangle patterns.  Hopefully more tangling time next week!